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Ein Werk von Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams

Portrait von Bryan Adams

'The direct, collegial access to many well-known personalities from the music, film and art scenes distinguishes Bryan Adams' portraits and makes them highly intimate, intensive studies, many of which have already achieved iconic status' - so writes Sir Elton John in the foreword to Bryan Adams - Exposed, published by Steidl Verlag.

Adams' photographs play with the clichés of how celebrities are portrayed in public - some show the stars in ironically humorous situations, others in intimate moments. Always, however, Adam's photographs testify to a deep interest in people. He has mastered both the craft of the classic studio shot and the aesthetic of the snapshot.

PORTRAITS of war-damaged soldiers

Bryan Adams' artistic interests are not limited to the glamorous world of show business. In his most recent series, which occupies a special place in his oeuvre, he devotes himself to British soldiers who have returned home wounded from foreign missions in Afghanistan or Iraq. These direct, provocative photographs sometimes radiate an optimistic, humorous mood, but sometimes also a disturbing one. In these portraits, Adams succeeds impressively in capturing the pride, humor, and great willpower and vitality of these people. The group of works shows the bitter legacy of war and is at the same time a commitment to peace.


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