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Ein Werk von Daniel Spoerri

Daniel Spoerri

The Düsseldorf years were followed by a professorship and the initiative of a "Musée Sentimental" in Cologne.
Daniel Spoerri, who initially started out as a ballet dancer, director and poet in Switzerland and Paris, turned more and more to the visual arts at the end of the 1950s. In 1960, together with his artist colleagues, including Arman, Yves Klein, Niki de Saint Phalle and Jean Tinguely, he founded the artist group Nouveaux Réaliste. Their art was not concerned with a realistic depiction of reality, but they declared the things of everyday life to be their medium of art. Spoerri's first trap paintings are created, in which he captures a piece of everyday reality and holds it as if in a trap. His EAT ART are the testimonies of table feasts, in which Spoerri fixes the remains of the meals of a table party with glue and preservatives to form an object picture. The banal process of eating is transformed into an artistic act. His works form an archive of material culture, emotional memories, sensual perception, physical pleasures, almost animalistic urges, and social rites that reveal Spoerri's fascination with the deep structures of the human condition. Spoerri's work is represented in international museums and collections, and has been presented in museums worldwide. Today Spoerri lives and works in Hadersdorf and Vienna in Austria and at his IL GIARDINO in Seggiano in Italy.

With the bronze "Warrior", Swiss object artist Daniel Spoerri has created this alienated fighter, whose unusual weapons are menacingly striking because they are painted red: the helmet in the shape of crustacean scissors and the spike wielded like a sword in his hand. In the design of his bronzes, Spoerri incorporates the cast channels, which here wrap around the body of the fairytale-like warrior like a network of roots. Bronze sculptures form only a part of Daniel Spoerri's versatile oeuvre.


Selected works by Daniel Spoerri


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