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Ein Werk von Michael Toenges

Michael Toenges

'If you wanted to put me down to it: I'm not a serious artist!
I am also not a serious person! But - if a picture of me
comes along apparently respectable, I make it in a violent attack
broken! I must not fall into the temptation to want to save it.
There is no rescue for pictures. I attack my pictures! And I
am alone with me and my "avant garde" - I drive myself before me
and I attack the picture, with all means. I destroy it.
I want to scratch out an eye of the picture. Sometimes - very often -
I lose the fight! And then I rebuild it very slowly.
I try to protect it. Sometimes it succeeds. Often not and never!
I believe nothing and nobody. I respect the image and its vitality.
Only when this spark of life appears, I follow the picture unconditionally!'

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Brief glimpse of our 2020 studio visit - full interview coming soon


Selected works by Michael Toenges
Werk: Ohne Titel

Ohne Titel

Werk: 11-22-36-56


Werk: 06-22-36-56


Werk: Ohne Titel, 1988

Ohne Titel, 1988

Werk: 07-09-40-30


Werk: Ohne Titel, 01-2022-150-100

Ohne Titel, 01-2022-150-100

Werk: Ohne Titel / 14-18-32-28

Ohne Titel / 14-18-32-28

Werk: Ohne Titel

Ohne Titel

Werk: Ohne Titel

Ohne Titel

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