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Ein Werk von Søren Solkær

Søren Solkær

Portrait von Søren Solkær

"This project transported me back to the landscape of my childhood and youth in the marshes of southern Denmark. A place where up to a million starlings gather in spring and autumn before the migration begins, setting the stage for one of nature's most spectacular phenomena. When the countless birds gather in large flocks before settling together in the reeds at dusk, they put on an incredible show of cooperation and skill. And every now and then, when birds of prey attack, the flock unfolds a breathtaking and veritable ballet of life and death.
The starlings move like a unified organism, vigorously defending themselves against any outside threat. A strong visual expression emerges - like an ink drawing or a calligraphic brushstroke - that pushes through against the sky. Within the swarm, shapes and black condensation lines form, reminiscent of interference waves or mathematical abstractions written across the horizon. At times, the swarm seems to have the cohesive power of superfluids, changing shape in an endless flow: From geometric to organic, from solid to liquid, from matter to ethereal, from reality to dream - an exchange in which real time ceases to exist and mythic time permeates. That's the moment I've been trying to capture - a fragment of eternity."
- Søren Solkær, 2018

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Black Sun #8

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Black Sun #59

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Black Sun #50

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