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Thomas Röthel

As unyielding as the steel is the idea that stands at the beginning of every work of the sculptor Thomas Röthel.
The realization of an imagined form requires that thinking in the material which enables the artist to form and consolidate his sculptures in space by exhausting the manifold material properties. Then Thomas Röthel reaches that moment "when everything comes undone and one gathers oneself anew" - in order to defy gravity with new cuts, new bends and turns.

Almost without exception, the sculptures are formed from solid steel. The original form of all steel works is an individual initial format chosen in a specific ratio of length, width and thickness, which also determines the final proportions. This is worked singularly or, more recently, in pairs and, for another group of works, is initially layered and spot-welded. In the course of the creation process, the steel plates and blocks are bent to a greater or lesser extent, or turned according to conceptually set incisions.

Each completed work follows this extremely reduced and clear language to surprise us again and again with new formulations.

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A steel sculpture is created - Frankenschau - TV report from 2018


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