Werk: Morani


All photos are available as Museum Archival Prints as well as Platinum Palladium Prints in 3 different sizes in small limited editions. There are also extra large formats and the so-called Multi Layer Palladium Prints as unique works. All works are produced exclusively by the artist himself.
Shot with medium format cameras, especially the large formats are of breathtaking quality with the finest gradations and details.

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Werk: Guardian of Eden // UNIKAT

Guardian of Eden // UNIKAT



Werk: Resting Vagabonds

Resting Vagabonds

Werk: Giraffe Couple

Giraffe Couple

Werk: Tano Bora

Tano Bora

Werk: Tim, Preserver of Peace // Unikat

Tim, Preserver of Peace // Unikat

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