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Werk: Peaches and Apples and Cheese

Peaches and Apples and Cheese

Archival Pigment Print

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Werk: Red flowers

Red flowers

Werk: Crab and Cabbage

Crab and Cabbage

Werk: FISH in Light

FISH in Light

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Lotusblüte 2

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Octopus und Amaryllis

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Wild Turkey

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Werk: Octopus


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Single Lotus

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Fish in a glass

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Andy Warhol

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Alexander Calder

Werk: Lotusblüte


Werk: Calla Lillies

Calla Lillies

Werk: Flowering branches

Flowering branches

Werk: Peaches and Apples

Peaches and Apples

Werk: All ducks

All ducks

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Banana stillife

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Werk: Hanging together five

Hanging together five

Werk: Pheasant and Mirror

Pheasant and Mirror

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Pig`s head

Werk: Spider crab

Spider crab

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Four deer heads

Werk: Crab


Werk: Double


Werk: Green leaves

Green leaves

Werk: Orchid and Grapes

Orchid and Grapes

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